2015 Burgundy En Primeur

A dream vintage for Burgundy vignerons

'For me this is one of the great vintages', Laurent Pillot told us, summing up the thoughts of all the growers we spoke to about 2015. Early frost was responsible for the slightly lower yields in the Côte de Nuits in particular, which as usual affected some parcels more than others. This will mean squeezed allocations on some wines. In Chablis Domaine Moreau-Naudet made no Montée de Tonnerre at all after it was hit by hail - they did not have a vessel small enough to ferment separately the few grapes they picked.

In the Côte de Beaune there was a collective sigh of relief as they were neither savagely frosted nor hailed as they had been three years in a row. Sadly this did not continue in 2016 - Nicolas Rossignol, who had already suffered three years of hail in 2012, 2013 and 2014, told us that the frost of 2016 resulted in a worse loss of crop than any of the hailed vintages. But for 2015 he was ecstatic, and nothing seemed to be able to dampen his mood when he told us about the vintage and the wines: 'perfect from A-Z - if you could ask for perfect weather, 2015 was it.' The Côte de Beaune reds from the areas that have been hailed in previous years seemed to us to be particularly strong this year - there are wonderful Pommards and Volnays from Laurent Pillot, de Courcel, Comte Armand, and Nico Rossignol himself.

There has been a lot of talk about the reds in 2015, but the whites are also extremely good, and have refined over the course of the year and continue to develop (initial reports suggested they might be a little too ripe and fat, especially in comparison to the more rapier-like 2014s). Rémi Jobard says he has more richness and better acidity than 2014 in his 2015s. The result chez Rémi really is rather breathtaking, in fact the 2015 may be Meursault's year, every wine we tried from the village was shining - whether the Caillerets from Pillot or the whole cellars at Germain and Jobard.

As so often in a really cracking year, you had to try quite hard to make bad wine anywhere in Burgundy, and so the minor appellations, the Côte Chalonnaise and the regional wines (‘Bourgognes’) are worth tucking away – they will provide wonderful drinking over two to ten or more years from now at modest prices. Nico Rossignol will make magnums and even jeros in any of his wines, so if you want to stock up for future parties, now’s the time! In whites too it is worth looking outside the Côte de Beaune - whether to Lumpp and Jacqueson in the Côte Chalonnaise or to Cordier and Barraud in the Mâconnais.

In the global market Burgundy has the wind in its sails at the moment, and this is a vintage not to miss in either colour, despite higher prices which stem not only from the recent depreciation of Sterling, but also from the short harvests of recent years, of which 2016 is just the worst in a long run.

Allocations & Pricing

In view of the small size of this vintage in some places it is inevitable that some wines will have to be allocated, but please do ask for any wine you would like to get hold of from any of our producers, even if not currently listed here, and we will do our best to help.

We will add other wines to this list once the initial allocations based on last year are completed. Please keep checking back, but you can also email requesting wines not listed - you can assume we have almost the entire range of all the domaines we work with.

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