Northern Rhône - Primeur Offer

Relaxed velvety ripeness in the 2017s, generous elegance in the 2018s

Having 'pulled' this offer of Northern Rhône wines in March, we have decided to release now. The magnificent whites will be mostly drinking from when the wines are shipped in the autumn. While these reds are not really drinking now, it may also serve as a reminder that Northern Rhône Syrah has a freshness and precision which makes it a good summer option - you can find the wines available from older vintages here. We will offer the Southern Rhône in September or October.

This year it was again Derek Robertson who attended the Salon d'Ampuis and visited many of the Northern Rhône growers in their cellars as well, earthing out new producers Domaine Bott, 'Les Kiwis d'Ampuis' and Domaine Lionnet in Cornas in the process. His report is here.

Whether you have historically been a fan of the Rhône or not, this offer deserves your attention. These are some of France’s finest wines and from three critically-acclaimed vintages. Many of these are available for less than £30 a bottle in-bond – you won’t find much in Burgundy or Bordeaux that even gets close to matching this for quality and value.


'Lovers of Northern Rhône wines should be smiling too... with four consecutive great vintages either released or in the pipeline, there’s no need to compromise.' Joe Czerwinski

'Compared to the 2017s, the 2018s show another level of freshness and purity, primarily due to less hydric stress on the vines during the growing season. Also, the healthy yields give the wines open, opulent profiles with polished tannins and rounded, seamless textures. Nevertheless, I think the 2018s are richer and more concentrated than both 2016 and 2017, and while they show similarities to the 2015s, they have slightly more open, accessible profiles with softer tannins. There’s a touch of the freshness and purity found in the 2016s, yet it’s paired with another level of concentration and richness. This is another stunning year for Côte Rôtie, but the quality is consistent throughout the Northern Rhône, and it’s also an excellent year for entry-level and value-priced wines.' Jeb Dunnuck,

Arrival in the UK

The wines will arrive in the UK by this Autumn (2020). This is an opportunity to secure the wines at the lowest possible price before they reach the general market. We guarantee you will find some exciting options for your cellar.

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Other Reviews

‘The best examples (of 2017 Northern Rhone Syrahs) capture all the fragrance of the variety alongside immaculate black fruit and structure that should age handsomely.’ Richard Hemming MW,

‘The Northern Rhône is unquestionably on a string of excellent vintages, with 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 (and I suspect 2019 as well) offering incredible levels of quality. In addition, each vintage has a unique style.'
Jeb Dunnuck,

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