Wines Of The Vintage

Since we have been denied the opportunity to taste extensively as we would normally do, this could be a tricky list to fill this year, but we will try. It's the one to look at if you want something very special indeed for your cellar. We wouldn't be surprised if quite a few of these get very lofty scores from the critics so it's best to 'pre-order' if you want to secure a case.

Please note that we can source wines in any format if offered by the Château. Just indicate which size you would like in your wishlist order form or email us with a specific request. Bottling charges do apply so please see our Terms for more details.

L&S Recommendations

L&S 'best buy' recommendations are marked with this symbol L&S.

This is a pre-shipment/primeur offer. All orders are accepted under the TERMS of this offer which differ from the terms of the rest of the site.