Domaine de la Bon Gran

France, Burgundy

Jean Thévenet's original and flagship domaine, in which he makes wines which are rich and ripe and are given no oak at all, and yet which still manage to be the most complex and satisfying wines of the Maconnais. The main cuvée we ship is his top 'dry' cuvée, called 'Sélection EJ Thévenet', which is now called Viré-Clessé. He also makes tiny quantities of the highly sought-after Cuvée Levroutée, a late-harvest just touched by botrytis with the constitution and depth of a Montrachet, and infinitesimal amounts of his Cuvée Botrytis, a fully sweet Sélection des Grains Nobles style. Organic production.

Other reviews and comments
       Jean Thevenet is the doyen of Viré-Clessé, and works with his son Gauthier at the Domaine de Bon Gran. Domaine de Roally and Domaine Emilian Gillet are other wines that they produce. Jean is a fan of late-harvest Chardonnay, which is not to my taste at all, but the dry wines, not bottled until 21 months after the harvest, are fine. They keep well too." Clive Coates in Decanter magazine