Le printemps des champagne comes to London

Le Printemps des Champagnes comes to London

By on 09/04/2024

In 2009 one group of like-minded 'grower-Champagne' producers ('Terre et Vins de Champagne') got together to put on a tasting which focused to a large degree on the vins clairs (the still wines) from the 2008 vintage, before they were bottled for the prise de mousse (the second fermentation in bottle which produces the bubbles).

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wine press in the vineyard

Champagne Spotlight | Marc Hébrart, Mareuil-sur-Aÿ

By on 11/03/2024

A tiny part of the wine market as a whole (as explored in Charles Lea's blog here), grower Champagne has a disproportionate share of characterful, remarkable wines, thanks to the passionate vignerons behind the wines. We're shining a spotlight on our portfolio of grower champagnes this year, each month highlighting a different producer - this month: Marc Hébrart.

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NSPCC City Fine Wine 2024 … & one for Chelsea fans

By on 08/03/2024

Last night saw the 19th time that L&S has sponsored the City Fine Wine Challenge quiz evening at One Great George Streeet. Teams of City luminaries competed for the Patrick Sandeman Trophy, and this year, in an upset of the long-standing dominance of headline sponsor FNZ, the quiz was won by the team from JP Morgan, who were clearly on fire! A late note addition - the final net figure for this year's CFWC was £203,797.

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Wine Buyer on Tour | Northern Rhône

Wine Buyer on Tour | Northern Rhône

By on 02/02/2024

After many years of loving the wines of the Northern Rhône (and placing many orders for them!) I excitedly boarded a plane to Lyon to make my way to the Marché aux vins d'Ampuis (one of the largest wine fairs in France, focused entirely on the Rhône), at the epicentre of Côte-Rôtie and Condrieu.

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