Charles Lea's Wine List

Wines I Like - Autumn

There are new releases from many of the Champagne growers that are worth looking out for, and I love to try all of these - more fun than sticking to a single brand, just as you don't want to drink the same wine all the time. Current favourites as we head into the cooler months include the Barnaut Blanc de Noirs and the last bottles of LOT 04 Extra Brut Champagne Ullens - Domaine de Marzilly NV which is now expansive and calm with a patinated nuts and dried fruit character. If you prefer a fresher more vivid style, check out Marc Hebrart's 'MES FAVORITES' or Franck Bonville's 'Unisson'.

Autumn and it's game season - a roast partridge is one of the great gourmet treats of the season (and the year) and it's cheap too. I pair it with Pinot, and Piero Incisa's recent visit for our 35th anniversary tasting has inspired me to drink more of his translucent wines - try the latest release of the CHACRA Cincuento y Cinco ('55') which is brimming with immediate appeal while the more serious 2021 would ideally stay a little longer in the cellar.

Italy continues to provide a lot of our more regular red drinking, whether it's Gianfranco Sabbatino's 'Peloro Rosso' from the north-eastern tip of Sicily, or the Chiantis from Poggerino and Castagnoli, or the 'minor' wines from Piemonte, the Dolcettos, Barberas and Langhe Nebbiolos. The northern Rhône is a great source of youthful, vibrantly expressive and texturally lush wines from the Syrah grape - the lesser wines from Côte-Rôtie producers who make some 'vin de Pays' alongside. Another relative newcomer to the range is Marzio Abbona's 'Papa Celso', a definitive Dogliani Dolcetto.
Charles Lea