Charles Lea's Wine List

Wines I Like - Autumn

As ever seasonality if the key for me. Yes you can go on drinking rosé, but for me it's time to turn to some decent White Burgundy to get a dinner party started or to go with fish in a bit of a sauce which might be more appealing than plain-grilled as the weather turns damper.

In much the same way, fuller-bodied Champagnes come into their own, when those that seemed just right in bright sunshine somehow seem a bit sharp and brittle in the cold. Look for the ripeness and roundness of Barnaut, Gonet-Médeville, and, if you can afford it and we still have any left, Egly-Ouriet - and watch this space for some new suggestions too.

For Reds too, a slightly fuller-bodied red which might have a bit more in the way of spice or smokiness is more what I feel like than the bright and juicy wines which were so good out of an ice-bucket in August. Rioja, which we've been promoting all October, fits this bill perfectly, and as we get into the full flow of the game season, Claret and Burgundy are never going to be far from the mind - and for Italophiles, neither will Barbera and Nebbiolo from Piedmont, or any Tuscan Sangiovese.

Weekend treat: surprise your weekend guests with a neglected classic:- a wonderful ten year-old dry Madeira.

Charles Lea
2018 SAINT VÉRAN En Crèches Domaine Daniel Barraud, Lea & Sandeman
Temporarily out of stock
2020 LANGHE NEBBIOLO Sottimano, Lea & Sandeman
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