David Porter's Wine List

What I'm Drinking Now

At this time of year I find my self reaching to the wine-rack for something red and juicy. Of course there is always a moment when I just want some White and I love pure, bright wines full of energy and vim. The ludicrously joyful wines from Manni Nossing are often opened, but the chiselled bright Chenin Blanc from Tim Hillock in South Africa's Swartland, has fast become a go-to as it always hits the spot - fresh but wonderfully textured a wine for all occasions.

I can always find a reason to open some bubbles, surely the perfect start to an evening whether celebrating or not. Legras Blanc de Blancs is fine and bright and dangerously drinkable or the English Sparkler from Kent, Herbert Hall Brut is another house favourite, english orchard blossoms and lovely persistent bubbles make this a real treat.

For reds at this time of year Italy often jumps out, I relish the bright fruit and delicate lick of acidity you often find in Tuscan reds which keeps the wine incredibly moreish and these wines just work so well with food. Bordeaux too always takes up a good stretch of the wine rack at home. When you find a good quality Claret that does not break the bank - yet still offers the poise and cut of sophistication possible in Bordeaux - it's a rare joy. Old friend Chateau Montaiguillon is unbelievably charming and yet has real refined claret-like feel.

Yet variety is key and so these mainstays are peppered with bottles from all corners of the world like the magic 2021 PINOT NOIR Willamette Valley from the lovely team at Illahe Vineyards in Oregon. Beaujolais growers. Here we have a raft of incredibly well-crafted wines, soft and generous - yet with a sophistication you would be paying at least twice the price for if they were made just an hour further north, in Burgundy.

David Porter in the vines