Domaine Paul Janin et Fils

France, Beaujolais

There’s an understated, almost bookish air about Eric Janin. Quietly spoken and clearly always thinking - Eric exudes a calm and reassured confidence. Nothing happens here by accident. Since its foundation just over a century ago by Eric's great-grandfather, the estate has grown from being a grower who sold their grapes to a proper 'domaine' who take care of every part of the process. Now at 8.5 HA Eric is fully satisfied: '..any larger and we cannot do the vineyards justice..' Such is the intensity of work that they do amongst the vines. The family has worked this land organically for as long as Eric can remember, and he's currently having this made official, he'll be certified for the 2023 releases.

The winery is traditional for this part of the world but notably pristine compared to many we visit. In the vineyard too the family's work is meticulous spending as much time as is needed, unsurprisingly the vines are in picture-perfect good health. 'Of course, this is where we spend our days,' says Eric 'this is where the wine is made!'. Everything is done by hand and under organic principles. Taking no shortcuts, they ensure they bring in the best fruit they can - and with a philosophy of minimal intervention in the cellar they’re crafting pure and pretty wines that brim with energy.

This is a range of wines that express with great clarity the family’s different vineyards and reflect Eric’s eye for detail and conscientious approach. Janin is making sophisticated Beaujolais here and is a gold-standard for Moulin à Vent.

The Janin’s estate is one of the leading lights of the Romanèche Thorins. Its manicured vineyards are predominantly planted in manganese rich soils that emphasize the wines spicy, very original taste of terroir and improve their ageing potential. Bettane & Desseauve  (Mar 2018)