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Le printemps des champagne comes to London

Le Printemps des Champagnes comes to London

By on 09/04/2024

In 2009 one group of like-minded 'grower-Champagne' producers ('Terre et Vins de Champagne') got together to put on a tasting which focused to a large degree on the vins clairs (the still wines) from the 2008 vintage, before they were bottled for the prise de mousse (the second fermentation in bottle which produces the bubbles).

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NSPCC City Fine Wine 2024 … & one for Chelsea fans

By on 08/03/2024

Last night saw the 19th time that L&S has sponsored the City Fine Wine Challenge quiz evening at One Great George Streeet. Teams of City luminaries competed for the Patrick Sandeman Trophy, and this year, in an upset of the long-standing dominance of headline sponsor FNZ, the quiz was won by the team from JP Morgan, who were clearly on fire! A late note addition - the final net figure for this year's CFWC was £203,797.

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Spring Tasting Brulington house

2022 Spring Tasting | Highlights

By on 21/04/2022

'Our first proper tasting for ages, and I was unable to attend having contracted Covid, (the reason for the long hiatus since our well-attended Italian tasting in March 2020). This was particularly galling after I had helped organise the attendance of some of the winemakers, notably producers of three new grower Champagnes who I had unearthed on on my post-vendanges trip in October.

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2020 Burgundy En Primeur travel diary part 1

2020 Burgundy | Part 1 – Chablis

By on 30/12/2021

Chablis - arriving in Fleys on the road from Tonnerre Towards the end of October I planned to set off from Kent to start a trip to Chablis and Champagne, and was told, when I began to make appointments for the Monday, that the Sunday was by chance the rather local event, the 'Fête des vins de Chablis' - a chance for the local vignerons to show their wares in a street closed for the day, and a good opportunity to try the wines of quite a number of different domaines - so I set off rather earlier than I'd originally intended to get there in time.

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Harvest Lamy

2021 Burgundy harvest reports | Côte de Beaune

By on 19/11/2021

[caption id="attachment_33650" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Harvest at Domaine Hubert Lamy[/caption] Domaine Rémi Jobard - Meursault Remi Jobard told us:- ‘It was the shortest harvest ever – even my father had never seen anything like it. 1/3 of the normal harvest, and short in red as well as white. I picked late – starting as most people finished.

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Harvest Anne Gros

2021 Burgundy harvest reports | Côte de Nuits

By on 20/10/2021

An interesting report given that there seems to be a 'blanket' view that 2021 is a disaster in France. In Burgundy the quantity of white is certainly disastrously low, but there will as usual be some nicer surprises.

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