Ophelia Hirst's Wine List

The sun is finally starting to come out and the temperature rising (though it doesn't always feel like it) and I certainly have a Spring in my step! To celebrate this move away from the cold winter months, nothing gets the pulse racing like a glass of Blanc de Blancs, this one from Franck Bonville, and an absolute steal at this price.

Nothing screams 'Spring' like freshly bottled Petit Chablis, and the Moreau-Naudet example is one of my personal favourites. Fresh and zesty and vibrant, this is exceptional in 2022. I've also become slightly obsessed (or rather, re-obsessed!) with the wines from Deiss - these are wacky, zany, esoteric Alsatian field blends that really make you appreciate this rich terrior. Unusual, sure, but awesome.

For reds, I've fallen for the wines from the Northern Rhone, especially tasting the different expressions of St Joseph. Lionnet make one of my favourite styles; right from the very south of the appellation, elegant and rich all at the same time. There's also a call for lighter reds such as Alain Coudert's famed Fleurie Clos de la Roilette, capable of ageing gracefully but equally stunning slightly chilled at cellar temperature today. Spring also heralds the latest vintage of Chianti from Poggerino, and the 2022 is as good a release as Piero has ever made. And for a cheeky Pinot Noir, I need look no further than the Moya Meaker made by our friend Jean Smit - classic silky New World pinot with a delicious bite.

Ophelia Hirst, Buyer

Toby Jamieson tasting wine