2011 MiP* Made in Provence Classic Rosé Domaine Sainte Luc





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    2011 MiP* Made in Provence Classic Rosé Domaine Sainte Lucie

    2011 MiP* Made in Provence Classic Rosé Domaine Sainte Lucie

    • Grapes: Syrah, Cinsault, Grenache
    • Colour: Rosé
    • Origin: France, Provence
    • ABV: 12.5%
    Lea & Sandeman review
    After the incredible success of the 2010 vintage, along comes the 2011 which is even better. The same achingly pale pink colour, which seems to have such appeal today, but with fabulous flavours of wild strawberries, creamy acidity and a long. crisp, dry finish. This can be drunk all too easily on its own, but will match many different food types.

    Other reviews and comments
    Provence is the spiritual home of rosé, although the wines have very little in common with the lurid – in taste and flavour – likes of white zinfandel. This example, the new vintage of which is pretty much fresh off the boat, is closer to white than red: very pale in colour with a subtle, delicate perfumed nose and cool, tingling acidity. One for the salade Niçoise.

    Pale salmon-pink with a delicate blush, this is everything you could wish for in a superior Provence rosé, namely delicate aromas and a refreshingly juicy strawberries-and-cream fruit quality with a redcurranty dry zing to bring colour and zest to salmon and salads.

    This is the cheapest ('Classic') wine in their range but in many ways looks the smartest. Very attractive, very pale greyish salmon pink. Very obvious Spangles sweet Grenache on the nose. Clean - whistle clean - with a good texture but not that much distinction in terms of flavour. Pretty but not very serious. And of course there are lots of times that is exactly what is sought.

    Last week...I bought the single most reliable wine in the world for delivering the liquid sunshine thrills of rose. Since it first appeared in Britain, MiP, or Made in Provence, has achieved a near fetishistic popularity with drinkers who love this pale, superlight and dry wine from the South of France...MiP is good, it's a precise wine and well made. The colour is an achievement: the exact shade of a blushing diamond. Strawberries, cream, redcurrant and vanilla. (3 June 2012)

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    A domaine with wonderful vineyard holding on the dry stony lower slopes of the Provençal icon mountain, the Mont Saint Victoire. Forty hectares of vines with an average age of thirty-five. These deep poor soils can only support vines, and are perfect for the production of low yields and fine wines. The domaine was created in 1978 by Michel Fabre, but it is his children, fresh from their studies in winemaking and marketing who have given it the recent boost in quality of production and original presentation. The wines are made from a mix of Grenache and Syrah, with smaller amounts of Cabernet Sauvignon, Mourvèdre, Carignan and Cinsault, and the rosés get an addition of Vermentino (Rolle) which adds a bright floral expression.