2014 Pinot Noir Stapleton & Springer

Grapes Pinot Noir
Colour Orange
Origin Czech Republic, Moravia
ABV 13.0%

Properly orange with aromas of red berried fruit, cherry and strawberry which is reflected on the palate. Lovely weight and flesh, tannic grip with a long bright finish.
(Sep 2015)

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Pinky-orange in colour, this odd but delicious pinot noir rosé has lightly peppery strawberry and cherry fruits.
(Jul 2016)

Orange in colour but not an orange wine in the so-called 'natural wine' category (those are made from white grapes, but they turn out orange because the grapes go into the fermentation vats with their skins and pips, as in red wine, instead of being pressed and the clear juice alone being fermented). This is essentially a rosé – a tawny pink one – and it's a revelation: beautifully fresh and silky textured with summer-pudding red fruit flavours and a whisper of ginger, mint and liquorice. There's more we'd like to say about Stapleton & Springer but we'll have to save it for another time.
90 (Apr 2016)

The pinot noir is a sort of many faces, and one of them is also this one - ORANGE. Tomas Springer has invented the name and it seems to be a perfect one. The wine is a half full body to be drunk deeply. No need to be stored for long time or archiving. You don't have to serve cheap wines from supermarkets when your mother-in-law comes (as some of our customers say), but reward yourself with our ORANGE :-).

This is one of the most unusual and delicious wines I've come across in ages (quirky wines can be more challenging than delicious). It's named Orange because of its colour, but it's not one of the so-called orange wines that have a bit of a cult following in fashionable London restaurants: those are made from white grapes where the juice, skins and pips have been fermented all together instead of just fermenting the clear juice. This wine is essentially a rosé, a pretty tawny pink made from red Pinot Noir grapes. It has lovely summer-pudding fruitiness and a texture as smooth as silk. Drink it lightly chilled as an aperitif, or serve with fish or lightly cured and smoked meats. Keep it in mind for summer weddings or garden parties. The team behind Stapleton & Springer is made up of a Czech winemaker and two American brothers - one of whom, Craig Stapleton, is a former American ambassador to the Czech Republic.


The Stapleton-Springer Winery was founded in 2004. The former US Ambassador to the Czech Republic - Craig Stapleton, his brother, lawyer Benjamin Stapleton and winemaker Jaroslav Springer entered into an agreement to create the winery which now bears the names of these founding individuals and was to produce red wine of the highest quality. Jara has now been joined in the winery by his son Tomáš and there is a real energy to these wines. The winery specialises in red wines which are sublime but there is an exciting development of Chardonnay coming on stream aswell as the super Orange Pinot Noir (Rosé really) and Blanc de Pinot Noir. As is clear Pinot Noir became the family firm's dominant variety. The vineyards are worked organically and this is very important to Jara - "I personally only drink wines that were created organically and in which the winemaker's signature is evident. After the experience of drinking such wines I feel uplifted. I like to drink wine which has been verified by time and matures without filtration. I want to drink wines fermented using their own yeasts, to which nothing artificial has been added, wines that the winemaker has created with passion, sensitivity and knowledge. Our soil is a living entity, each year we see the progress in the diversity of wildlife in the vineyard. Living soil gives better quality grapes. In our wines the sulphur content is minute and we fulfil even the strictest of the BIO standards." These wines comes from vineyards that are oriented towards the south-east at 220 metres above sea level, on clayey limestone and sandstone sub-soil. Pinot Noir makes up more than 75% of the vineyards but some Chardonnay, Saint Laurent and Blauer Portugieser are are also grown here making up a total area of 22 hectares. With Burgundy as a model, Jara set out to make top quality wines, and the word is getting out - his wines are already to be found in top Prague restaurants, and they export to 13 countries, but what they really like is to sell at the cellar door to their fellow Czechs.

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