A subtle old world summer white: 2013 ZUANI ‘Vigne’ Bianco Collio

In a region that is famous for making ranges of varietal wines, Patrizia Felluga wanted instead to make wines which reflect the terroir more than the individual variety. Using fifteen to thirty year old Friulano, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Sauvignon vines, she crafts two exceptional wines; the 2010 ‘Zuani’ Zuani (a full-bodied oak-aged white with lots of aromatic fruit) and the 2013 Zuani ‘Vigne’ Bianco Collio an unoaked refreshing blend which is our Wine of the Week.

2013 ZUANI Vigne Bianco Collio


£17.95 single bottle or £15.95 case price*

‘Pale in colour this refreshing wine gives subtle floral flavours on the nose followed by white fruit, citrus flavours and underlying minerality on the palate. There is a mouth coating texture giving the wine complexity and structure. The acidity is high but balanced out by the rich fruit flavours. Extremely refreshing and a perfect accompaniment for white meat, fish and light starters.’ L&S

Patrizia is certainly at home when it comes to wine making. Her father Marco Felluga has been making quality white wine in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia for decades. In fact the family has been producing wine, generation after generation, for over 120 years. Twelve years ago Patrizia left the family business and brought her own seven hectare vineyard in the heart of Collio.

Zuani Collio Familigia

Collio Region

Collio DOC is a small area in the North East of Italy sharing a border with Slovenia in the East and Italy’s Friuli Grave in the West. The area is famed for the indigenous Pinot Grigio and Friulano and international varieties such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc – all of which are used in the blend for 2013 Zuani Vigne Bianco Collio. The growing conditions could not be better for these aromatic varieties. The vines are forced to work hard in pretty poor soil (Marl and sandstone) – perfect for grapes that produce small yields but high quality wine. The vineyard also benefits from cooling breezes both from the Adriatic Sea in the South and the Alps in the North. The summer days are warm and the evenings cool giving a high diurnal range – perfect conditions for the grapes to really express their character.


2013 Zuani Vigne

The 2013 Zuani Vigne grapes were all vinified separately before undergoing cold maceration. They are then fermented and matured in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. The techniques are all designed to produce a fresh wine focusing on the terroir.

Case Price Discount

Or why not mix this up with some previous ‘Wines of the week’?

* ‘Case price’ refers to the discounted price per bottle which applies to all orders of 12 mixed bottles or more

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Two IWC Awards for Lea & Sandeman – Celebrate with us!

Celebrate the Champagne & Sparkling Wine win with us!

We were absolutely delighted to win Specialist Merchant of the Year Award for Champagne & Sparkling Wine.

IWC Champagne&Sparkling

As you our customers will know, not only are our ‘shelf’ prices for Champagne consistently competitive, but also our low ‘case prices’ on Champagnes can almost always be enjoyed on the odd bottle mixed in with a case of other wines. No doubt our faith in Champagnes from smaller grower producers like Barnaut, Legras, Larmandier-Bernier and Egly-Ouriet has played a part.

To help you Celebrate this win with us we are offering special prices just to the end of the month of July on the Champagnes listed below. All of these are at least £2 per bottle off the normal case prices. Remember – you don’t have to buy a case of Champagne – if you are ordering a case (12 bottles) of any wine, including the Champagne, you qualify for these prices.

BENEDICK Grand Reserve Brut   £23.95 single bottle, down to £19.95 ‘case price’

BARNAUT Grande Réserve Brut Grand Cru Bouzy   £26.95 single bottle, down to £22.95 ‘case price’

CHAMPAGNE LEGRAS Blanc de Blancs Brut Grand Cru Chouilly   £28.95, down to £24.95 ‘case price’

TAITTINGER Brut   £32.50 single bottle, down to £27.95 ‘case price’

LARMANDIER-BERNIER ‘Longitude’ Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut 1er Cru   £34.95 single bottle, down to £28.95 ‘case price’

EGLY-OURIET Tradition Brut Grand Cru Ambonnay   £44.95 single bottle, down to £37.95 ‘case price’.

If you want to buy an effortless mixed dozen Champagne to taste you way through, look no further than the selection in this attractive mixed case.

Read more on the other (even more prestigious) award…

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‘Large Independent Merchant of the Year’ – L&S ‘Highly Commended’

L&S was Highly Commended in the national awards for best ‘Large Independent Merchant of the Year’

We are delighted also to have won this impressive chunk of metal, for being Highly Commended in the national awards for best ‘Large Independent Merchant of the Year’.

Awards dinner495It has to be said that there is a bit of curious category confusion here, as the winner of the ‘Large’ category is a company a good ten times our size, while the winner of the ‘Small Independent Merchant of the Year’ employs more people than L&S, (but has only one retail outlet). ‘Large’ apparently starts at anything over three shops.

We are very happy to be Highly Commended in the more grown-up category, as we feel that it shows we are punching well above our weight.

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2011 MALVASIA ‘VIŽINADA’ Festigia Vina Laguna

We were led to Istrian wine by our our friend Tony Hodges. Tony, who sadly departed earlier this year, coined the slogan ‘The lightness of being Istria’ for the nascent wine export drive. The ‘basic’ wines have been well-appreciated for a couple of years. Now we’ve upped the ante slightly and taken on a premium wine from the estate complete with complicated name and slightly weird looking bottle.

2011 MALVASIA ‘VIŽINADA’ Festigia Vina Laguna 

Festigia Malvazija

  £15.50 per bottle ( just £13.95 case price*)

The Istrian Peninsula

The Istrian Peninsular dangles down into the Adriatic south of Trieste. It’s been many nationalities – Venetian, Austrian, Italian, Yugoslav – but now it’s settled down as Croatian (apart from the bit that’s Slovenian). It shares much viticultural tradition and history with nearby Friuli in Italy, including common grape varieties like Pinot Grigio/Sivi, Pinot Bianco and, as in this instance, Malvasia/Malvazija.

Istria Peninsula


Malvasia is one of the oldest known grape varieties, it’s thought to have been known to the Ancient Greeks who spread it throughout their World, hence Malvasia cropping up all across the Mediterranean.

Vina Laguna - Istria - Croatia

Festigia Malvazija Riserva

The Festigia Malvazija Riserva is a hand-picked single vineyard wine, aged in the bottle for two years before release. Despite the dark looks, this is quite light and very sophisticated. The nose is a gentle waft of lemon meringue pie, maybe some freshly harvested apples; the palate is light and so very smooth, with apricots, soft apples and grapes; the whole thing wrapping up in a soft, creamy but refreshing finish.

Istrian Peninsula

Case Price Discounts

*Mix any 12 bottles from our website to take advantage of our case price discount. Free nationwide delivery for all orders over £100.

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