Ding Dong! Time to get a move on! Last orders for greater London deliveries at midnight tomorrow.

We’ve topped up our mixed cases and replenished our champagne offers, so dive in and fill your boots in time for guaranteed Christmas delivery!

Our amazing delivery team will be delivering right up to, but not including Christmas eve. If you place your orders before the last order deadlines your wines will be delivered in time for Christmas.

Inside the M25………. Midnight  SATURDAY 20TH

Central London………. Midnight  MONDAY 22ND

 – Please note we will not be delivering on Christmas Eve -

Christmas Opening Times

Chelsea | Notting Hill | Barnes | Chiswick*

Our shops are open until 5pm on Christmas eve, re-opening Monday 29th.

*Chiswick will also be open Sat 27th, Sun 28th.

All of our wines are available on-line or in your nearest Lea & Sandeman shop.

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Reminder: Last orders for country deliveries is Midnight tonight!


Just a quick note to remind you that last orders for country deliveries is Midnight tonight!

If you’re stuck for ideas have a good look through our Christmas Gift ideas where there’s plenty of wines & accessories to choose from or browse our selection of Mixed Cases .

For full Christmas delivery details see here

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The L&S 2015 Magazine ‘Mere Mortals’ Mixed Case

Not all of us can necessarily afford the big guns featured in our recently published 2015 L&S Annual so we’ve carefully narrowed down 12 bottles from the producers who feature in the magazine into a ‘Mere Mortals’ mixed case.

L&S ‘Mere Mortals’ 12 Bottle Mixed Case

Normal Price: £241.75   Case Price: £218.00

Click here to order your 'Mere Mortals' mixed case

All of our Christmas mixed cases will be dispatched with a copy of the magazine. You can also download a preview here.

All wines are also available in our shops.

Chelsea | Notting Hill | Barnes | Chiswick

Don’t forget to check our Christmas delivery schedule.

Last orders for country deliveries is MIDNIGHT TONIGHT Weds 17th!

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Last order dates for Christmas wine deliveries – starting this Weds 17th!


With Christmas fast approaching we would like to advise you of our last order cut off dates to guarantee delivery in time for the holidays, starting with last orders for country deliveries (outside the M25) at midnight this Wednesday 17th!

Last Orders for Christmas

Outside the M25………. Midnight WEDNESDAY 17TH 

Inside the M25………. Midnight  SATURDAY 20TH

Central London………. Midnight  MONDAY 22ND  

* Please note we will not be delivering on Christmas Eve

Between Christmas & New Year

Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve we will be running a limited Central London service on Monday 29th & Tuesday 30th December only.

Please place your orders before midnight the day before.

Normal Service

Our normal service will resume on Monday 5th January.


All deliveries are subject to the usual caveats e.g. exceptionally bad weather.

Christmas Wine and Champagne Offers

We’ve put together a great selection of Champagne offers and Christmas mixed cases, all of which you can browse on our website here. All mixed cases will be sent with a Lea & Sandeman 2015 Annual Magazine.

Sending wines as a gift

To send your wines as a gift, you can browse our extensive list of gift ideas on our website or during checkout you can easily save a message and add a gift card, L&S wine box and corkscrew.

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The best present for wine lovers ever? CORAVIN™ 1000 Wine Access System

Gadgets – everybody likes a good gadget, and the wine world is not immune to the inventive zeal of gadget makers. Now, inventiveness has yielded up the Coravin – truly something you didn’t know you needed until you found out you needed one – far far more than mere wine gadget, this is a real game changer, very different from the array of innovative corkscrews, aerators, devices for pouring, storing and cataloguing wines, all terribly clever but rarely entirely necessary.

The Inspiration

Greg Lambrecht worked in the medical device industry.  Inspired by the desire to drink more than one type of wine of a night whilst his pregnant wife abstained, he hit upon an idea using his knowledge of medical grade needles. Ten years of development later, the Coravin 1000 was released to an intrigued world.


If you’ve ever gazed upon a particularly special bottle in your wine rack and thought how good it would be to pop a wee glass out of it, but leave the rest for another occasion at any random time hence – well, now you can.

How does it work?

The Coravin is, essentially, a teflon-coated needle that is driven through the cork into the bottle; inert and harmless argon gas is then injected into the bottle and wine is driven out. You can pour as much or as little wine as you like, but all of the wine you pour is replaced with argon. No oxygen or air gets into the bottle. When finished, you withdraw the needle; the cork, being natural and elastic, will reseal absolutely.

“I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this – with the technology and how well it works. I could not believe the results.” Robert Parker

Once you have poured your glass of wine, you’re bottle of wine is still completely sealed and can be returned to its resting place until you want to try it again – that can be the next day, the next week, the next year. The wine inside the bottle remains unaffected by the process, there’s just a bit less of it, that’s all.

It really is this simple.

Who is it for?

Whether you’re a vinophile with a desire for constant variety; or feel the need to check on the evolution of wines in your cellar from time to time; or, perhaps, you have a particularly special bottle that you don’t want to demolish in one sitting. Whatever reason you have to desire access to a bottle without actually opening it, the Coravin is the thing for you.

It extraordinarily simple to use and, despite the medical grade needle, extremely (and quite cleverly) safe. It’s really compact and very stylish. Quite a piece of design.

What a great gift for somebody terribly winey who seems to have got everything already. What a great gift for yourself.


The Coravin costs £269, coming with two argon gas capsules and the standard needle. Spare capsules and needles are also available. Also available are alternative needles either for more fragile older corks or for faster pouring via a wider needle.

If you are on the Lea & Sandeman mailing list you can claim a further 2 Argon capsules FREE OF CHARGE with your purchase of the above.

To see the Coravin in the flesh, call into one of our shops where they’ll be happy to show it off or simply buy on-line here:

Order here

One personal experience

Speaking to a fellow wine enthusiast who has already bought a Coravin he explained the joy he gets from it.  Nowadays it is not unusual for him to have 4, 5 or 6 bottles ‘on the go’ at any one time.  Tasting and drinking wines side-by-side is a great thrill and the ability to simply do a tasting of 5 different vintages of a wine can really be fun and incredibly interesting – this is not something you could do before Coravin – but is so simple now.

As a way of trying a bottle to ‘see where a wine is’ in terms of its evolution, this is brilliant, and will save many a bottle in my cellar from being opened too early. If you have a case of a wine and want to know when to drink it, you can try one bottle several times over a considerable period – this takes the guesswork out while preserving the bulk of your stock.

As argon-filled space in the bottle gets bigger, you have to use more gas to get out the same amount of wine. Going much more than two-thirds of the way down a bottle before pulling the cork and finishing it off is probably not very cost-effective. So have the odd glass during the week, and when you next have a dinner-party, pull the corks and finish off the remainder.

The needle can go straight through the capsule as well as the cork, but it might be an idea to take the top off the capsule anyway so you can keep track of which bottles in your wine rack you’ve had a go at. Do not attempt to use the Coravin on bottles with screw-caps or glass stoppers!

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L&S 2015 Wine Magazine/Annual – on its way!

The LEA & SANDEMAN 2015 Wine Magazine/Annual

Coming to your doorstep tomorrow or Friday is the new ‘2015 Lea & Sandeman ‘Wine Annual’, a magazine of photographs and pieces on some of our key producers, and articles from various luminaries of wine journalism – Victoria Moore, Tim Atkin MW, Tamlyn Currin, Steven Spurrier, Rosemary George MW, Harry Eyres, Sarah Marsh MW, and Robert Joseph. It also includes new illustrations by Sarah Thompson.

L&S 2015 Annual / Magazine

If you are quick to grab it off the mat you could use it as a stocking-filler for your wine-mad loved-one, but then again you might want to take it straight to the smallest room to provide interesting occasional reading.

Further copies are available from the shops, priced at £3.50, but will also be included free in gift cases or if requested in any order of a case or more. A downloadable version will be available on the website from next week.

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Barnes Late Night Shopping and the legendary MULLED WINE recipe.

With late night shopping in Barnes upon us and Derek & Emerson at our Lea & Sandeman shop limbering up to serve mulled wine hand over fist, we thought it was an opportune moment to re-publish Patrick Sandeman’s legendary mulled wine recipe.


“This recipe is in fact inspired by ‘The Bishop’, a wonderful mulled port that my father used to allow us as children to drink as we sat the front of his Land Rover on the edge of the farm watching the annual ‘Old Crocks’ race down the A23 on the London to Brighton old car rally. There is no need to buy those pre packed sachets of mulled wine spices, since most kitchen cupboards will have all the spices you need. The secret is to make sure it is not too sweet (sugary) or spiced (easy on the cloves), and use a good slug of brandy/vodka to give it a bit of a kick, and plenty of port to give it sweetness. There is nothing worse than thick, sweet, cloying mulled wine. We make this in large batches so you will have to scale this recipe down in order to make smaller quantities.

11 bottles full bodied red wine(such as 2009 LOU PLANAL Domaine de la Bouysse)
1 bottle ruby port
Good slug of brandy/vodka
Sugar (to taste but start with about 125gs)
Whole cinnamon stick (or powdered but this does make it grainy)
1/2 tablespoon powdered ginger
Two each oranges and lemons cut in half and peel stuck with cloves.

Add all together, warm slowly, and bring to simmering point (just below boiling – but do NOT allow to boil). Mull for about twenty minutes. Before serving give the oranges and lemons a good squeeze so that you get all of the juice out. Sieve if necessary and serve hot!”

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