Time for a cheeky half? Half-bottles are in…

and not just for January…

At this time of year, whilst we might not yet be ready to sign the pledge, most of us are keen to exercise a little restraint with the pouring arm. You’ve probably tried it, we all have – open a bottle of wine with earnest intentions to stop halfway down the bottle and finish the rest tomorrow night. Yeah, right. It’s strange, but the nearer you get to the middle of the bottle, the harder it is to judge precisely where the middle of the bottle is. And then you’ve drunk most of it, so you may as well finish it off. Thus, in order to avoid temptation, you end up not drinking any wine at all. Shocking. A half-bottle of wine (or Champagne) gives enough to make the experience joyful, but runs out before you’re tempted to ooh have just a little more.


For reasons of moderation, or if you have an abstemious partner keeping you dry, or fancy a cheeky tipple whilst the Mr/Mrs is out, half-bottles are the ideal solution. Especially at this time of year. It’s also easy to hide the empties in the recycle bin. So I’m told.

We’ve always been proud of our half-bottle range at LEA & SANDEMAN – ‘tis broader, better and more tempting than most ranges of half-bottles you might find elsewhere.

It features half-bottle versions of some of our most popular wines (all prices shown are per half-bottle)

2013 CHABLIS Domaine Adhémar et Francis Boudin     £8.95
2009 CHABLIS 1er Cru Forêts Domaine Moreau-Naudet     £12.75
2013 SANCERRE Chavignol Domaine Vincent Delaporte     £8.95
2009 CHÂTEAU DU MAINE Graves     £7.95
2009 CHÂTEAU DUCLUZEAU Cru Bourgeois Listrac-Medoc     £11.50

Half-bottles, also, give you the opportunity to treat yourself to something a bit special. If you’re drinking less, you can surely afford to drink a little better.

2010 GEVREY CHAMBERTIN Domaine Thierry Mortet     £19.50
2010 CHÂTEAU LABÉGORCE Cru Bourgeois Supérieur Margaux     £15.95
2010 CHÂTEAU TALBOT 4ème Cru Classé Saint Julien     £38.25
2011 PULIGNY MONTRACHET Noyers Brets Domaine Fernand & Laurent Pillot     £17.50

It would be remiss, of course, to fail to point out that our awesome House claret also comes in a half-bottle:

2010 LEA & SANDEMAN Bordeaux     £5.95

If I were you, I’d celebrate finding this outstanding range of half-bottles by opening (you guessed it) a half-bottle of Champagne:

BENEDICK Grand Reserve Brut     £13.95
BILLECART SALMON Brut     £21.25
KRUG Grande Cuvée Brut     £70.95
TAITTINGER Rosé Brut     £24.95

OK, the Krug is a bit extravagant, but if you can’t be extravagant with Champagne then with what can you be?  And, think on, January semi-temperance aside, how often have you found yourself in need of a quick celebration – some swift bubbles before heading off to the restaurant, a wee mid-week whoopee ‘cos the girl in Accounts you don’t like got overlooked for promotion, a quick toast to some little but significant success, or Champagne breakfast in bed because she’s worth it. She is, btw. Every fridge needs a couple of half-bottles of Champagne for emergencies.

And let’s not forget the Sherry. Not the Sherry beloved of former generations, but crisp, vibrant, super-dry, pale Fino and Manzanilla which, unless you have multiple friends and opportunity to clear a whole bottle with alacrity, is probably better from the half-bottle.

INOCENTE Fino Valdespino     £7.95
DELICIOSA MANZANILLA Valdespino     £6.50

And the great thing about dry Sherry is that is accompanies many of the ultra-healthy dishes we’re eating at this time of year. You are eating ultra-healthy dishes, aren’t you?

All these half-bottles and many more are available in our shops and on-line. You should be aware that putting a case of halves together will entail assembling 24 of the blighters, which is a healthy commitment to moderation indeed. Alternatively, to attract the case price discount they can be assembled on-line along with whole bottles in the obvious ratio of two halves representing one whole bottle.

All prices shown are per half-bottle at full retail price. For case prices please consult our web-site.

Whilst mostly French, we do have a little tickle of Italian, but you’ll find those in our half-bottle list too.

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Château des Tours Côtes du Rhône – £20 very well spent

What’s twenty quid going to get you these days?

It’s not going to get you into a theatre, it might just get you the programme. Unless your tastes are considerably lower league, £20 won’t get you through the turnstiles at a football match. It won’t get you far beyond the starter in a decent restaurant or buy more than the meanest fistful of flowers when you’re a little late getting home. It won’t even get a round of drinks unless your friends have abandoned you or have developed a taste for tap water.

But £20 (more or less) can get you a truly memorable, warming and delicious glass or three of outstanding Côtes du Rhône red wine.

2010 CHÂTEAU DES TOURS Côtes du Rhône


Grapes: Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah
Colour: Red
Origin: France, Rhône
Sub-district: Côtes du Rhône
ABV: 14%


75cl bottles £20.95    Case price £18.95

Click here to order a case

The Producer: Emmanuel Reynaud

One of the big names of the southern Rhône is Château Rayas in Châteaneuf-du-Pape, even further removed from £20 than the above examples. But Château Rayas is managed by Emmanuel Reynaud who lives and makes the wine at Château des Tours at Sarrians, a village between Châteaneuf-du-Pape and Vacqueyras, entitled to neither monicker, hence the apparently lowly Côtes du Rhône appellation.

Grapes & Tasting Note

65% Grenache, 20% Syrah and 15% Cinsault. It’s everything a Rhône red should be – deep, seductive berry fruit with a generous helping of spice. It manages to be both full and rich, and supple and silky. Alongside all the hearty generosity of classic Rhône wines, there is a more subtle seductive charming texture to the wine.

As Charles says in our official tasting note, “it is as close as Grenache can get to Pinot Noir in some ways” – I know what he means.

Buy Online or in our London Shops

In order that you know what he means, pick up a bottle at your nearest LEA & SANDEMAN shop or place your order on-line. Do remember that you are free to mix and match your case of wine and, so long as it’s got 12 bottles in it, you only pay the case price.

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Download our 2013 Burgundy En Primeur Offer

2013 Burgundy En Primeur Campaign

See our full 2013 Burgundy En Primeur offer on our website here

You can download a copy of our 2013 Burgundy En Primeur Offer here:

Download 2013 Burgundy En Primeur Offer
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Bernard Baudry CHINON Les Granges – it’s time to dig out the corkscrew

A lighter Loire red may sound like an odd wine to mention in the cold January months, but the 2013 Bernard Baudry Chinon Les Granges fits the bill in a few respects:

Its 11.5% ABV pays lip service to the notion of a dry January as does its availability in half bottles, both of which mean you can pour in a relatively guilt free fashion and for the even less abstemious – also top up on a week night.

Don’t let the lower alcohol level put you off however, there’s plenty of depth and dimension to this really well made wine, a treat on the nose and in the glass.  A great example of Loire valley Cabernet Franc from one of our longest standing producers.

2013 CHINON Les Granges Domaine Bernard Baudry    

‘From vines in the valley on a free-draining sandy gravel. Bright purple colour. Very precise floral (heady dark roses) and fruit (damson and blueberry) nose and this is followed on palate with a dryly expansive juicy purple floral flavour.’ L&S

2013 CHINON Les Granges Domaine Bernard Baudry

Grapes: Cabernet Franc   Village: Chinon

Origin: France, Loire   ABV: 11.5%


75cl Bottles £12.95/£11.75 case price

Half bottles £6.95/£6.50 case price

Click here to order

Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley, Chinon lies just south of the river between Angers and Tours. Whilst Chinons can come in a range of weights, the Les Granges is the classic light, bright and bouncily fruited red – crisp raspberry flavours, with a touch of cut grass wafting in the air; like a Beaujolais version of claret, or is that the other way round? It’s the sort of red that, in the Summer, you can drink chilled but, at this time of year, just popping the cork out in front of the telly with something intelligent to say to your significant other, it’s a glass of civilised and relaxed but flirtatious fun.

Half Bottles?

We have a surprisingly bountiful array of half-bottles. You may want to check out our ‘full’ range.

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Château Bellevue la Fôret – It’s a family affair

Sometimes it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know, you know. So when Antoine Frachon from our Chiswick branch said his Dad was working for a vineyard in Fronton, the next thing was we were selling said wine from Fronton.

OK, it’s not that simple – the wine still had to pass the rigorous LEA & SANDEMAN taste test, which it did with flying colours. Now, Château Bellevue la Fôret has near cult status in our Chiswick branch offering real quality and superb value as well as keeping Antoine’s Dad in a job. Except he doesn’t work there anymore, but let’s not overcomplicate things.

Château Bellevue la Fôret

2010 CHÂTEAU BELLEVUE LA FORÊT Côtes du Frontonnais

Origin: France, South West  Sub-district: Côtes du Frontonnais
Grapes: Negrette, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah
Colour: Red ABV: 14.5%


75cl bottles £9.95   Half bottles £5.95

Click here to order

Tasting Note

It’s a medium+ bodied affair with plump fruit and a little tickle of spice.

Think Malbec meets the Rhône, except it’s not from the Rhône and there’s no Malbec in it‘.

For washing away the January blues, or accompanying something hearty and warming, or for chewing the cud with a good friend, Château Bellevue la Fôret is ideal and not least that it comes in at under £10 a bottle when bought by the case.

The Vineyards

The vineyards of Fronton are in south west France, a little north of Toulouse. Château Bellevue la Fôret is 50% Negrette – a local grape variety which improbably apparently originated in Cyprus – with Syrah and both Cabernets Sauvignon and Franc.


For those operating with a little post Christmas moderation, half-bottles are also available at £5.95 a go. With wine this nice, Winter’s not so bad after all.

M. Antoine Frachon

My Dad’s got some wine to sell

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The L&S 2015 Magazine ‘Mere Mortals’ Mixed Case

Not all of us can necessarily afford the big guns featured in our recently published 2015 L&S Annual so we’ve carefully narrowed down 12 bottles from the producers who feature in the magazine into a ‘Mere Mortals’ mixed case.

L&S ‘Mere Mortals’ 12 Bottle Mixed Case

Normal Price: £241.75   Case Price: £218.00

Click here to order your 'Mere Mortals' mixed case

All of our Christmas mixed cases will be dispatched with a copy of the magazine. You can also download a preview here.

All wines are also available in our shops.

Chelsea | Notting Hill | Barnes | Chiswick

Don’t forget to check our Christmas delivery schedule.

Last orders for Central London deliveries is midnight Monday 22nd.

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Last order dates for Christmas wine deliveries – starting this Weds 17th!


With Christmas fast approaching we would like to advise you of our last order cut off dates to guarantee delivery in time for the holidays, starting with last orders for country deliveries (outside the M25) at midnight this Wednesday 17th!

Last Orders for Christmas

Outside the M25………. Midnight WEDNESDAY 17TH 

Inside the M25………. Midnight  SATURDAY 20TH

Central London………. Midnight  MONDAY 22ND  

* Please note we will not be delivering on Christmas Eve

Between Christmas & New Year

Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve we will be running a limited Central London service on Monday 29th & Tuesday 30th December only.

Please place your orders before midnight the day before.

Normal Service

Our normal service will resume on Monday 5th January.


All deliveries are subject to the usual caveats e.g. exceptionally bad weather.

Christmas Wine and Champagne Offers

We’ve put together a great selection of Champagne offers and Christmas mixed cases, all of which you can browse on our website here. All mixed cases will be sent with a Lea & Sandeman 2015 Annual Magazine.

Sending wines as a gift

To send your wines as a gift, you can browse our extensive list of gift ideas on our website or during checkout you can easily save a message and add a gift card, L&S wine box and corkscrew.

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