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2020 Burgundy En Primeur travel diary part 1

2020 Burgundy | Part 3 – Côte de Nuits & Côte de Beaune

By on 30/12/2021

You know what I can’t stand. When you try and look up something very simple like ‘how to change a light bulb’ and a website insists on running you through the history of the lightbulb, every other lightbulb on the market and what might replace the lightbulb in the future before just telling you what you need to know – all in order to up their content-based hits.

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Harvest Anne Gros

2021 Burgundy harvest reports | Côte de Nuits

By on 20/10/2021

An interesting report given that there seems to be a 'blanket' view that 2021 is a disaster in France. In Burgundy the quantity of white is certainly disastrously low, but there will as usual be some nicer surprises.

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