2021 Burgundy harvest reports | Côte de Nuits

by Charles Lea

An interesting report given that there seems to be a ‘blanket’ view that 2021 is a disaster in France. In Burgundy the quantity of white is certainly disastrously low, but there will as usual be some nicer surprises.

Stephane Magnien Harvest

Harvest at Domaine Stéphane Magnien

Domaine Stéphane Magnien, Morey Saint Denis

Stéphane reports from Morey Saint Denis ‘As for the harvest, this is my smallest harvest since I took over the domaine in 2008, I am between – 50 and – 60%. From what I hear from Gevrey, Fixin and Marsannay, the growers did better in quantity.
In terms of quality, the wines should be less dark than in recent vintages. In the mouth there is a beautiful substance and the quality is good.’

Domaine Lignier-Michelot – Morey Saint Denis

Virgile Lignier remains up-beat (as ever) ‘As you have no doubt heard, the 2021 vintage was particularly complicated from start to the moment we picked. In the end I was rather happy with the harvest, despite the difficulties encountered.
2021 is a winegrower’s vintage !!!!! and there will be big differences in quality.’

Domaine Anne Gros – Vosne Romanée

Paul Tollot Gros reported relatively cheerfully ‘From a global point of view we did well, except for two sites which were advanced as well as in the eye of the the wind at the time of the frost, impossible to protect effectively (Richebourg and Barreaux). There the allocations will not be large but there are years that have been worse (2016).’

Harvest at Domaine Anne Gros

Anne Gros and the harvest team









Domaine Mugneret-Gibourg – Vosne Romanée

Marion Nauleau-Mugneret told us ‘The harvest went well, a little too quickly perhaps in view of the quantities collected … fortunately the grapes were beautiful! We still suffered a lot from the spring frost, but we are did well on the village appellations.’

Domaine Jean-Jacques Confuron – Premeaux-Prisse

Sophie Meunier just said ‘The crop was of course very small, but we are optimistic about the quality!’

Domaine Christian Clerget

Finally, we heard from Justine Clerget with a slightly longer report: – Our harvest began with the plot of Morey Saint Denis Les Crais (white) on Friday September 17th.
A very small harvest on this white, we can already say that the whites were generally more affected by the frost than the Pinots in our sector. I admit that this is the plot that was most damaged by the vagaries of the weather in spring.
We continued with the different plots of reds.

CHAMBOLLE MUSIGNY Domaine Christian Clerget

The Chambolle Musigny villages are pretty good, with sorting in the vineyard and of course, a second sorting on arrival at the winery, on a sorting table. I must say that our loyal team of grape pickers help us achieve what we want in terms of sorting quality upon arrival on the table.
Chambolle Musigny 1er cru Les Charmes was really pretty, healthy and ripe, and the musts are colourful and already fragrant.

Vosne Romanée “Les Violettes” and Echézeaux Grand Cru are superb, despite the illness which arrived in June. We can say that the fight in organic viticulture has proven its worth this year.

Vougeot 1er cru Les Petits Vougeots required more severe sorting. It is indeed a fairly humid plot, and much more vulnerable to disease. The many passages during the season to train, separate the grapes, remove the leaves, treat … were beneficial, but despite this, we kept only a third of the harvest on this appellation, in order to obtain a wine at the level of the quality of the appellation.
Harvest ended on Wednesday September 22nd.

1st devatting (Monday 4th October) for the appellations
Burgundy: brilliant red colour, aromas of red fruits
Morey Saint Denis (red): a strong colour, the berries had fairly thick skins, a correct result
Chambolle Musigny village “Aux Croix”: a very good sanitary condition and a beautiful maturity.

2nd devatting (Tuesday 5th October)
Chambolle Musigny village (1st vat): once again, perfect colours, (and on this appellation, a correct juice yield which will allow sales to be maintained) at the tasting, raspberries and cherries, 2021 will surprise all of us!
Vougeot 1er Cru les Petits Vougeots: a beautiful vintage, the work in the vineyard and in the vat gives a very satisfactory result.

3rd devatting (Wednesday 6th October)
2nd vat of Chambolle Musigny village: dark red colour, aromas of berries
Chambolle Musigny 1er cru Les Charmes: garnet colour, good density, faithful to our expectations for this cuvée.

4th devatting (Thursday 7th October)
ECHEZEAUX Grand Cru “En Orveaux”: ruby ​​colour, brilliant, the most colourful appellation of all for this vintage to date. The harvest of this appellation was really the most beautiful, with fairly small clusters, an old plot that still gives fruit that holds perfectly.
Of course, it is still early days to talk about wine tasting, but it is certain that this vintage will surprise more than one person!’

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