2021 Burgundy harvest reports | Côte de Beaune

by Charles Lea
Harvest Lamy

Harvest at Domaine Hubert Lamy

Remi jobard meursault sous la velleDomaine Rémi Jobard – Meursault

Remi Jobard told us:- ‘It was the shortest harvest ever – even my father had never seen anything like it. 1/3 of the normal harvest, and short in red as well as white. I picked late – starting as most people finished. It seemed that they wanted to make reasons to start picking – saying that there was rot, but there wasn’t, or that the bunches were dropping berries, but they weren’t. Whites I picked at 12.8 to 13%, and I’m not worries about the quality. The reds there’s obviously less colour than some recent vintages, but it’s a good bright colour – they are true Burgundian reds. At the flower I calculated that the harvest would be around the 20th of September, but when I did some tests early in September, I pushed it back another week to the 25th.’

Hubert lamy princee saint aubinDomaine Olivier Lamy – Saint Aubin

Olivier Lamy, asked whether 2021 is as catastrophic in quantity as we have been hearing, replied: ‘It is not 2021 that is catastrophic, but the sequence of 2016-17-19-21. 2021 is very heterogeneous with very low yield in the beautiful hillsides (Remilly, Chateniére, Dent de Chien, Derriere chez Edouard, red Gravière at 10 hl / ha) and much better in the lower slopes (Chassagne, Puligny and Santenay) and colder slopes (Frionnes, Meix). In the end, the average is like 2016-17-19.


Saint Aubin Joseph colinDomaine Joseph Colin – Saint Aubin

Joseph Colin was also happy with the quality, but it’s a similar story: ‘we made 25hl/ha across the domaine, but the best sites were worst hit (by frost) – Caillerets, Chenevottes, Remilly, Garenne, where we made around 10hl/ha, while we made a good harvest in Bourgogne Blanc, Aligoté and the low-lying village appellations. Quality is good – more of a return to a standard Burgundy vintage with a cooler later harvest – but with good sanitary conditions, with no rot or other problems.’


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