From a standing start, barely three years ago, when nobody had heard of Malbec (indeed, the Argentineans were busy pulling it up in favour of sexier varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon), Malbec is now completely and totally 'in'. It's the wine of choice for so many occasions, for so many people. It's an easy wine to like, not necessarily subtle, but easy to take on board with its punchy dark fruits, richness, power and voluptuous feel. Perhaps more to the point, it's an easy name to pronounce and an easy name to remember. Sometimes, when the masses speak, they can be accused of getting it wrong - leg-warmers, Eastenders, Michael Bublé - but, with Malbec, they may just have unlocked a new taste sensation for us all to enjoy.
The name Malbec is, apparently, derived from the Spanish for 'bad mouth' - mala boca - owing to the colour a few too many glasses lend to the teeth and gums!
Some time in the 19th Century, somebody took some vines from Bordeaux and plonked them in the ground in Mendoza (Mendoza - about halfway up the country, on the left hand side, wedged up against the Andes). Among said vines was some Malbec, which decided to thrive in its new home. 150+ years later and Mendoza Malbec is everyone's favourite red wine. There's a lot of it, Mendoza is a big place with a lot of Malbec vines, costs are lower than in Europe or Australia, so you get quite a lot of bang for your buck - another important part of the appeal. And bang for your buck we can do - witness Finca Flichman's Tanguero or the Durou 'Exception'(more of Malbec Français later on). But, beyond the large-scale budget Malbecs, there is an increasing move toward a little more class and sophistication in your Malbec, and class and sophistication is right up our street...

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