Côte de Beaune

“If you were to hold a gun to my head, in a friendly sort of manner, and tell me to name the most over-performing appellation in the 2022 vintage, then I would name the Côte de Beaune reds. I’ve no doubt that what would ensue would be you shaking me down for as much Corton, Volnay and Pommard as you could get. Whilst I’m getting slightly off track (and writing the strangest script to a gangster movie ever) this is the salient point: the reds from the Côte de Beaune were the best they have ever been. I, and many others I know, spend their lives chasing Pinot Noir which delivers that hit, that buzz. Something you cannot achieve anywhere else on the planet. The Côte de Beaune reds delivered that with the most consistency in 2022. They’re all full of snappy red fruit – raspberry, strawberry, cranberry and resonate with so much energy, you could use them to power a town. If only there were enough. It has long been a cause for debate, when will Volnay and Pommard ‘come of age’, as prices between Nuits and Beaune grow in disparity. If there’s going to be a watershed vintage, this will be it.”

Jack Chapman, Head of Private Clients

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