The Côte Chalonnaise is the continuation of the same escarpment as the Côte de Beaune, just a little way to the south, and consists of the villages of Bouzeron, Rully, Mercurey, Givry and Montagny.
There are some producers, mainly centred in the Côte de Nuits, whose wine you will simply never see on shop shelves. Their wines are very expensive, but so extremely desirable that they sell out discreetly on release to deep pocketed fans.
This is now happening in the Côte Chalonnaise.
It sounds peculiar, as you would struggle to part with more than £50 for a bottle in this small region, but the reputations of producers like Lumpp, Raquillet and Dureuil-Janthial are so good, and thus so desirable, that they too are entering this realm of ‘on allocation only’.
This, to me, is the region you take the doubters, when you hear them crow about how ‘there is no value in Burgundy anymore’. There is, it’s here, and the 2022s exemplify this.

Jack Chapman, Head of Private Clients

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