31 Days of German Riesling

31 Days of German Riesling runs all through July – the perfect month to discover German Riesling.

Get on trend folks – German wine is where it’s at at the moment. From the doldrums of unfashionable demi-obscurity German wine has recently been propelled into the spotlight of must-have dinner party drinkablilty. And about time too. Anyone who was anyone, in the wine trade, has been banging on about how great Riesling is for years with only limited success, but at last the tide has changed and more customers than ever are leaving our shops clutching a nice bottle of German Riesling.

These are not the over-sweetened confections your parents drank by the flagon in the 1970’s, German Riesling is all about precision, deft minerality and clear refreshment. Many bear the word “trocken” on the label – “dry” – reassuring indeed, but one should be careful not to automatically exclude any that fall short of out and out trocken lest you miss a gem.

In an era when big fat Chardonnays just seem too big and fat, and we desire wines with ABV’s at the lower end of the scale, German Riesling is the ideal choice. And they are such delightful drinking when the sun shines.


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