Black Sofa Day Mixed Cases | Nov 2020

Whenever we have a special occasion on our hands, whether it be a big dinner, a birthday or in this case Christmas, and need something a little special, we look down the back of what we’ve affectionately called ‘The Lea & Sandeman sofa’. Hidden away are some of the most fun or different bottles, usually from vintages we’ve tried and really liked so decided to keep a bit back of.

This year, with everything that’s been going on, we thought it only fair that we let all of you peer down the back of the sofa too – hopefully you’ll find something to cheer you up.

Below, we’ve put together six mixed half-dozens at our discounted case price (instead of our 12 bottle threshold) from some of our highlights. Each is tailored to what we’d see as a great Christmas dinner – one white, to get things started, some Burgundy, Bordeaux and then something with a bit more impact, ending with a Port or sweet wine. If we’re only allowed six around a table, this will have you covered.

‘The L&S Sofa’ only ever has wine which, whilst it may age a lot further, is wonderfully ready to drink. Everything here is a total one off, there is just 1 of each mixed case and every wine in the sofa list is fewer than 12 bottles in number – so if you see something you like, act fast.

All cases are inc. VAT and include free UK mainland delivery