Game Season

We all love the game season with its rich and intense flavours which demand suave and intense wines, dense with spice and deep rich fruit. It's the perfect excuse to go for those big flavours and give your palate a run over the moors in a 4x4. From spicy, rich Rhone styles to elegant yet powerful Piedmontese Nebbiolo, this is the time to bring out the big guns and big flavours.

It does not matter whether you have acquired fur or feather, matching game with wine is a true delight. The traditionalists among us might stick with Bordeaux and Burgundy, however, we recently had a big fruit forward New Zealand Pinot Noir (2011 Brodie) with BBQ’d Grouse and a lovely creamy mineral Californian Chardonnay (2012 Talbot Sleepy Hollow) with roasted Partridge. Experimenting is half the fun. So why not try the complex and rich 2007 Fuligni Brunello with a saddle of Venison or the red fruit and herbaceous 2012 Chateau des Tours Côtes de Rhône with seared duck breast.

Many clarets also find their place on the table at this time of year e.g. rich plummy merlots from Pomerol or more merlot heavy Clarets from Saint Emilion & Satellites such at the 2012 Chateau Montaiguillon which is drinking perfectly right now.

Experimenting is half the fun so we've created a 'Game season' mixed case with our own selection of seasonal favourites to accompany you and your guests and whatever culinary delights you might have in store.