2010 Bordeaux – Leoville Las Cases and some Saint Emilion big hitters

by Charles Lea

This morning sees the release of Chateau Léoville Las Cases, down a bit on last year and neatly under the price of Cos. This is a fabulous Las Cases, another candidate for my wine of the vintage, modern in some ways but really just so classical in others. Very strongly recommended.

Gerard Perse has released all his top wines, Pavie, Pavie Decesse and Bellevue Mondotte. All of these are massive, inky wines in the controversial Perse idiom, and they cannot fail to impress even if I’d rather have five cases of Las Cases.

Also in Saint Emilion there is Chateau Angélus. This too is a massive, powerful wine, and seriously long. Again I’d rather drink Las Cases, but if this is your style read the notes and go for it.