Money Week ‘Wine of the Week’ – Matthew Jukes

by Charles Lea

Matthew Jukes, wine writing’s ebullient enthusiast, came to our last tasting, and was very complimentary – like the Wine Gang, of which more shortly. He chose just one wine, as it happens it is the same vineyard that Neal Martin picked out in the 2010 vintage from our 2010 Burgundy tasting, but this is the 2009 which is available now.

It shared a page with the latest Bugatti Veyron – but how much more affordable!

“I went to a brilliant  Lea & Sandeman Wine tasting the other day, focusing on only three red grapes – pinot noir, nebbiolo and sangiovese. It was a rare treat to be allowed to concentrate on such a tight bunch. Rather than blurting out a shopping list of my favourite wines, I thought I would limit myself to just one incredible one today. – this very special red Burgundy. A new Domaine to me, Douaix is owned by a Belgian father and son team. Keen Burgundy fans, Mark and Gilles Moustie have rented a gite for many years in the hills behind the town of Nuits-Saint-Georges. They finally realised their dream of making their own wines when they bought two beautiful parcels of vines in Corgoloin – one with 35-year-old vines, and another whose vines are over 60. Son Gilles is on site and Mark slaves away as a management consultant, presumably paying the bills. They must be very proud of work becasue this delicious 2009 is finer than an CdNV I have ever tasted. Poured blind I would swear it was an established well-known Domaine’s wine from a redoubtable vineyard and with a price tag nearer £50 than £20”

Matthew Jukes, Money Week. 2 March 2012