Bordeaux 2011 – The Intro

by Charles Lea

2011 Bordeaux en primeur

Dense and concentrated with flashes of brilliance

In 2009 and 2010 it was difficult not to make great wine. In 2011 it was less straightforward. Location mattered, both in terms of the localised weather events, especially hail, but also in terms of the ground the vines were growing in.

The most homogenous source of success is Cabernet Sauvignon in the Médoc, and in Saint Julien in particular, but the results are mixed even here. There are some spectacular successes in each of the main appellation areas, so the only answer is to approach this vintage wine by wine.

You can read our report on some of the aspects of the vintage on the blog. The first of these pieces is complete, the second is published but will be added to, the links to the last two will be put up on the main offer introduction page next week:-
The Weather Report – for anyone interested in the detail, the weather was the key.
Harvest Stories – a few individual takes on the vintage.
Sorting it out – the importance of grape sorting before and after picking.
In The Cellar – What can be done once the grapes are in the vats.

Use the menu here to explore our recommendations from each sub-region. In the lists, click each wine name to see other critics’ notes and scores which will be added as they come available, as well as finding links to more detail about each property. Navigate back using your browser ‘back’ button or by clicking the picture banners at the head of each page. If you are looking for particular wines, even if they are not listed, please do ask. We have tried to make a real selection, so if a wine is not included it is probably because we do not feel able to include it in a list of recommended wines on the basis of our tastings, but that does not mean we are not willing to supply it.

If you are looking for specific wines please compile a wish list, either on an email or by using the facility on the website. This commits you to nothing, but does help us to help you get what you want. If you want to order, you can do so by using the facility on the site and we will respond with a confirming email and invoice as soon as possible.

Above all talk to us, email us, or get in touch with your usual L&S contact. This year more than ever is a year to deal with a merchant with a good underlying core business who sees en primeur as an extra rather than their sole activity. You can expect sensible advice about the wines and about price and value.

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