2011 Bordeaux – Leoville Poyferré, Saint Pierre, Haut Bergey

by Charles Lea

This afternoon has proved rather quiter than this morning, with just three wines to add to the list of releases.

Léoville Poyferré has reduced its price significantly, and comes recommended at £550. This is cheaper then vintages of similar quality on the market, even if not by much, but represents another allocation that its worth ‘staying in’ for, and since the wine is excellent, in the line of recent successes here, there’s not much pain in doing so.

Saint Pierre is much improved too in recent years, but is it’s brand really worth a 20% premium over Lagrange? Not sure. Nice wine though.

Finally Haut Bergey is a round and opulent wine which in its style gives quite a lot of bang for buck as a drinker.