The Pick of The Bunch Weekend Telegraph mixed case

by Charles Lea

This offer is now closed. The two wines listed from L&S in the offer, to which thare are links below, below can still be purchased on this site.

Today’s Weekend Telegraph has an offer of a mixed case comprising two bottles from each of the six members of THE BUNCH.

The Bunch is loose collection of the country’s finest merchants  who come together to promote the common cause of the independent merchants and individual, grower-made wines.  Victoria Moore has chose the wines to show some of the individuality and range that we all offer.


Victoria’s selections from Lea & Sandeman are the striking and ever-popular 2013 MIP* Made in Provence Classic Rosé Domaine Sainte Lucie, and the juicy and dryly refreshing 2012 DOLCETTO D’ALBA Bric del Salto Sottimano. These can be ordered separately and as part of any mixed case from this site, but we regret the full mixed case offer is now closed.