We've long championed the wonderful wines from this most beautiful of regions within Burgundy. The charming rolling hills are not just scenic, they also provide an intriguing topography that offers wine-lovers fascinatingly contrasting wines that truly speak of their place. It is somewhat pleasing that, this year, a broader appreciation is falling on the Mâconnais thanks to the recognition of several top sites as 1er Cru vineyards. For our super growers this is a long overdue tip of the hat and will not change the quality of their wines or the incredible efforts they go to in harnessing the very best of their vineyards.

2022 was without doubt hot, with lots of sunshine and not much rain. What they did have fell at critical moments thankfully and with limestone dominating the soils of the best sites, hydric stress never became too problematic. The season started early here with an unusually warm February and, barring some hail in June, remained steadily warm and dry. Harvesting was done early, with our growers starting on the 24th of August. The results are magical and continue to offer incredible value. The crop was not huge, but with a good number of healthy bunches – although, due to the dry summer, the volumes are limited somewhat.

David Porter
Lea & Sandeman Buyer

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