Côte de Beaune

As was mentioned in the main introduction, Nicolas Rossignol, whose vines extend over most of the main red appellations of the Côte de Beaune, told us the effect of the frost damage to his vines was worse than any of the three years of hail in 2013, 2013 and 2014. Just after the harvest he told us that he was discussing his yield in one parcel Bourgogne Rouge with a fellow vigneron, and said he was turning in around 40 - at which the other interrupted and said that sounded OK, thinking he meant 40 hectolitres per hectare - before he finished the sentence saying not hectolitres but kilos per hectare. There's not much of these wines, but they are very good. The wines of de Courcel, made, like those of Domaine Confuron-Cotetedot, by Yves Confuron, are utterly outstanding this year - another vintage where the very late-picking for which Yves is known seems to have paid dividends.

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