Champagne Mathieu-Nicolas

France, Champagne

Mathieu and Nicolas, the Moussé brothers, have trained in different aspects of Champagne production, Mathieu in viticulture at Avize, and Nicolas in marketing. Having worked for some other houses, it seemed natural to them that they should return to the family vineyard and try to breathe new life into it. It's early days for now, but already they have begun to grass over the vineyards to improve soil retention and biodiversity, and they are on their way to HVE certification.

The brothers represent the 12th generation of their family involved in viticulture - as they say it may be even more, but the trail runs cold beyond that date. They are based on the right bank of the Marne valley in the village of Cuchery, and have around 5 hectares of vines, in the villages of Cuchery, Cuisles, Jonquery, Fleury la Rivière and Damery.