Château Le Tertre Rôteboeuf

France, Bordeaux

The cellar at Tertre Rôteboeuf is something to behold. Dark, unpretentious with vine roots growing along the walls - it's the complete opposite of the grandeur experienced at other Right Bank Châteaux. Very refreshing indeed. It is a slice of the best sort of Burgundian charm nestled amongst the local grandees. Francois Mitjavile has the air of a chaotic creative - but this cellar is beautifully ordered and he fashions wines of stunning beauty here, aromatic and wonderfully complex. Year after year. This 6HA property remains a hard to get hold of Cult classic and a visit here is a real highlight of our annual trip to the region. In 1987 he purchased a second property in the Côtes de Bourg, Roc des Cambes. The wines here share much of the family feel and are well worth hunting out too.