Château Les Vieux Moulins

France, Bordeaux

Bordeaux as a region may have been slowish to jump on the organic train – but there is more and more sustainable farming going on now, and organics is really on the march across the area’s vineyards. Chateau Les Vieux Moulins is a great example of what is possible here with thoughtful farming and organic practices.

Having got his parents on the organic path back in 2010 Damien Lorteau (pictured above) then headed off travelling the world to make wines in as many places as possible before returning to the family estate in 2013 when he officially took the reins.
His experiences in Spain, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the US informed his view - that often 'less is more'. Work since has been as low-intervention as possible, fermentations with native yeasts, no sulphur during vinification; minimal amounts at bottling - and the results are superb.

The Cuvée Pirouette is a refreshing, modern style - but not in the fruit bomb mould with too much oak - this is genteel and sophisticated, an ideal winter claret.