Château de La Dauphine

France, Bordeaux

Bought by Guillaume Halley from the Moueix family in 2001, Château de La Dauphine has undergone a complete renovation starting with a new, state of the art wine-making facility. In 2012, a move towards 100% organic farming techniques has vastly improved the quality of the vintages, and they are now experimenting with biodynamic farming as well.

Owned by supermarket owner Guillaume Halley, with Michael Roland as consultant. If you want a modern, expertly made example of what Fronsac can produce, this is a great place to start. The 40-hectare La Dauphine is converting to organic farming, and hopes to be certified this year (this is despite losing 90% or its yield in 2013 and 50% in 2012 from the change) because, as director Stephanie Barousse says, 'we believe in it'. (One of Decanter's six producers to watch in Fronsac). Decanter Magazine (Jan 2015)