Clos Clare

Australia, South Australia

The story behind clos Clare is fast becoming a legendary tale and has earned a place in the Clare Valley’s winemaking history. This tiny, 5 acre vineyard was originally part of the celebrated Florita vineyard in the Clare Valley sub-region of Watervale, famed for producing outstanding dry Riesling. In 2007, Peter and Sue Barry purchased clos Clare, and it is run by their sons Tom and Sam Barry. The Barry family have been in the Clare Valley for three generations, Tom and Sam are the grandsons of Jim Barry, a pioneer of Clare Valley winemaking and founder of Jim Barry Wines. The site itself is 70 years old, though the Riesling vines were replanted 30 years ago and it is a mixture of limestone over deep, rich, red clay (terra rossa) with some slate deposits in the centre of the vineyard. After hand-picking the fruit is taken to John and Daniel Wilson’s Polish Hill River winery, The Wilson Vineyard. Clos Clare also produces small volumes of a Watervale Shiraz and a Grenache.