Domaine Graeme & Julie Bott

France, Rhône

A love story and a bit of good fortune; a love of the Syrah grape that led Graeme to the Rhone and the love of his life Julie, who came together whilst working at the prestigious cellars of Stephane Ogier. Theirs is a back story of adventure and spirit and one of serendipity too.

Our relationship with the pair stretches back some 8 years or so, when we often stopped and shared a beer after the Marché aux vins in Ampuis every January, it was no surprise when they told us they were setting out on their own journey.

The surprise came when they discovered that the house they had purchased in Verin, complete with 0.35 hectare of garden, was within the appellation of Condrieu, between the in-demand Coteau de Chéry and the illustrious Chateau Grillet. Graeme & Julie like to pick early to capture the freshness, and the wines tend be expressive, bright and pure.

Watch the videos: Domaine G&J Bott or Condrieu Lieu-Dit L'ALEAU.

Here is a couple you need to follow closely. Julie, a local from the region, and Graeme a New Zealander, worked together at Stephane Ogier’s during 7 years. Their Domaine was created in 2015, with the ambition to buy only beautifully positioned parcelles and develop to 9 hectares maximum. The 6 hectares which today compose their Domaine are situated in Côte-Rôtie, Condrieu, Crozes-Hermitage, Saint-Joseph and Seyssuel. For their first presentation for the special vintage review, they were distinguished by their perfect understanding of the 2018 vintage, with wines defined, compelling and deep, everything of their image. La Revue du Vin de France  (Jun 2019)

2022 SAINT JOSEPH Blanc Domaine Graeme & Julie Bott, Lea & Sandeman
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