Domaine Richeaume

France, Provence

Domaine Richeaume is one of the truly archetypal Provençal domaines. Here, the grain fields, vineyards and olive groves are cultivated according to the principles of organic farming. The water comes from a source specific to the estate. Respect for the environment, the use of natural resources with intelligence and parsimony or even the integration of agricultural practices into the biological cycle of life are applied down to the smallest detail. The fragility of the natural balance, just like the beneficence of organic farming which maintains this balance instead of disturbing it, quickly becomes visible in a noble culture such as the vine.

The history of Domaine Richeaume began in a completely different part of the world, in a place almost at odds with the landscapes of Richeaume at the foot of the Sainte-Victoire mountain, which have so inspired the paintings of the painter Paul Cézanne. The story begins in Yale, USA, where Henning Hoesch was a lecturer in canon law. The sacrifice of nature in the name of progress he observed in the United States changed his ideas and brought him back to Europe, in search of a protected place to develop traditional agriculture.

Henning Hoesch, born in 1940, gave up his career as a historian at Yale, United States, in 1972, to become one of the pioneers of organic agriculture and viticulture in the south of France. A holistic approach, natural winemaking and organic cultivation in the vineyards are as important to him as the quality of his wines. For Henning Hoesch, “organic farming” and “very high quality products” are not in contradiction, but are a condition for each other. The latter appears as a convinced and visionary entrepreneur, wary of predefined dogmas. It is certainly this unwavering quest for independence that gives its unique character to the wines of the estate, produced partly outside the constraints of AOC production.

Sylvain Hoesch joined the estate in 1994 after studying oenology in Marseille and after having acquired solid experience in renowned estates in Australia and California. Today, he manages the estate and the vineyard with as much rigor and quality requirements as his father and also shows a lot of character and a strong stubbornness.

The employees of the estate also come from various backgrounds: true Provencal peasants, Spanish oenologists or students in viticulture from Germany, all fuel a continuous exchange of practices, so that the ancestral know-how of the agricultural worker completes the contributions. recent theoretical studies of oenology students.

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