Domaine Thomas-Collardot

France, Burgundy

Jacqueline Collardot and her son Matthieu own and run this exciting 'micro-domaine' in the heart of Puligny-Montrachet. Matthieu completes his studies this year and will join Jacqueline permanently, just in time for the harvest. Once they are doing it together we look forward to a slightly bigger production - as for now Jacqueline is limited to what she can achieve all on her own. At only 2.5ha, this is an almost artisan project, allowing Jacqueline to give unrivalled time and care to every parcel she has – all the work is either done by horse or by hand. Jacqueline inherited these vineyards from her father’s Domaine Thomas Pierre in 2010 after he retired and is slowly raising the profile with her incredible care and attention. The results are stunning and this is a very exciting 'new signing' for the 2018 vintage. Although there may not be much quantity - the quality is impeccable. These are classically shaped, bright wines that express their various Puligny terroirs perfectly. She likes a long, slow élévage on the lees, with very little new wood used. Typically the wines spend two winters in the cellar before she then bottles in line with the moon in March.