Laverstoke Park

United Kingdom, (blank)

Laverstoke Park Farm in Hampshire is the award winning Organic farm owned by Jody Scheckter, former F1 World Champion racing driver turned Organic farmer. He’s fascinated by Organics and sustainable farming and having sprayed many a bottle of champagne throughout his racing career, he decided to grow his own grapes back in 2009 and create a unique, clean English sparkling wine that focuses on quality not quantity.
They have a 9 hectare vineyard comprising of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay based in Hampshire. It is certified biodynamic by Demeter.
As they say - 'Putting it simply we like to think that Organics tells you what not to do, and biodynamic tells you what to do! , we don’t spray herbicides, fungicides or pesticides on the vines as an Organic farm , but we use natural products to support the vine, like our homemade compost teas, nettle teas. We treat the whole vineyard as a living system so we bring life to the soil with organic preparations, including our PAS100 compost that we produce on site.'