Quinta dos Abrigueiros


Casa da Senra is produced by Abrigueiros in the valley of the Lima River, in the northern part of Portugal, between the villages of Ponte de Lima and Arcos de Valdevez.

The vineyard was planted in “socalcos”, terraces located half way up the hillsides, to ensure the river mist cannot reach the vines. These terraces location is chosen so that the mountain protects the vines from the Atlantic winds and they slightly slop to ensure and maximize the vines exposure to solar radiation.

Under these optimized conditions, the Loureiro variety fully matures enhancing its typical floral and fruity characteristics. House of Senra’s wines have been exported since the 17th century, then sailing from Viana do Castelo harbour.

The 10th generation, led by the hand of Paulo Pimenta de Castro Damásio, has been responsible for upgrading the vineyard and modernizing the winery, investing in the Loureiro variety and taking advantage of the local unique “terroir”.

The Abrigueiros vineyard inspired an eno-turism project in the original House of Senra, now fully developed. Clients and friends are invited to visit and stay at the premises enjoying the unique surroundings.

CASA DA SENRA WINE Although now widely disseminated throughout the Vinho Verde region, the Loureiro variety seems to have its origin exactly in the valley of the River Lima.

"Loureiro" means "laurel" or "bay" and the name probably stands for the unique aroma of Loureiro wines were the scent of laurel flowers can be easily found.

It also displays primary aromas where citrus fruits and flowers predominate. Lychee, peach, apple and perfumed melon are other possible nuances around the citric dominance. Loureiro wines usually have refreshing, well-balanced acidity. With age, they develop a certain minerality and smokiness with hints of dried fruits and honey.

TASTING NOTES Eye: Bright and intense citric colour confirming the youth of the wine. Nose: Predominance of citric fruit, with tropical and floral notes. A certain minerality can be traced adding to the wine’s complexity. Mouth: Smooth attack, balanced acidity, good volume and a refreshing and long after taste


GOOD RECIPE MATCHES Being aromatic and fresh, it is a wine suited to be drunk as an aperitif, or accompanying salads, grilled fish or chicken. Further, it is a good match for smoked salmon, white cheese and fruit. Its complexity and sharpness suggest a good match with seafood and shellfish, sushi and Thai recipes, spicier pasta or dishes which rely on herbs or citrus fruits like marinades.