Vina Laguna

Croatia, Istria

Vina Laguna hails from the Istrian Peninsular, opposite Venice at the northern end of the Adriatic sea. Grapes are drawn from a variety of soil types, dependant on grape variety and benefit both from the warm influences of a Mediterranean climate and the cooling breezes of the southern Alps. Recent tastings of old and new vintages have demonstrated that this is a winery with serious intent and now under the watchful eye of winemaker Milan Budinski, with experience in California's Napa, Sonoma, Chile's Maule and San Juan in Argentina, there is every reason for us to keep following the progression here. Changes in the vineyard are afoot. We take note when Milan says that, ''previously I was working with the material I had, now I'm working with the material I want''. His wines amply demonstrate this.

The vines are grown in the typical coastal red Istrian soils where the Mediterranean climate is lightened by both maritime and Alpine influences. 'Merlot really thrives here and Cabernet can give excellent results in warm years,' says winemaker Milan Budinski, a veteran of vintages in California's Napa, Sonoma, Chile's Maule and San Juan in Argentina. Since independence and war, Vina Laguna has been fully restructured, including the planting of more than 450 ha or vineyards. The winery in Poreč used to be a Cantina Sociale (co-op), set up when the area was under Italian control in 1943. During the days of Yugoslavia, it was one of the biggest in the country. Now Vina Laguna pursues lightness, its wines designed to partner the fresh Istrian cuisine. The winery is a notable specialist in Malvazija Istarska, which accounts for 60% of its production. Decanter World Wine Awards 2015  (Jul 2015)