Spain’s most famous wine region is in our spotlight this month, and we couldn't be prouder to share with you our eclectic selection of red and white vinos.

Located in the north east of Spain, the region is divided into 3 parts: The Rioja Oriental, Alta, and Alavesa. Our Riojas are all sourced from the latter two where you can find fresher and more delicate wines. The Rioja Oriental generally produces wines with fuller body and higher alcohol.

The Rioja Alta is higher in altitude than the lower-lying Rioja Oriental, with soils high in clay. This leads to richer styles of wine, and is where you can find the more traditional wines – well-suited to cellaring and beautiful when mature. Bodegas Ruconia of this style – all of the richness and depth of flavour, but still with a fine line of freshness.
A modern style has been emerging in the region too - with less wood ageing and gentler fruit extraction, highlighting the terroir here. These wines (although will have no problem ageing) are easy to enjoy when young. To try the modern winemaking approach of The Rioja Alta, look no further than Bodegas y Viñedos Artuke.

The Rioja Alavesa is the most mountainous part of Rioja, with soils rich in limestone. The wines here are the finest and most elegant you can find. Our Rioja Alavesa producers are blessed with exceptional vineyards in some of the highest parts of the entire Rioja region – up to 650m in some cases. Try the lively and vivacious wines from Tentenublo or the gentle and refined wines from Sierra de Toloño – winemaker Sandra Bravo was awarded "Young Winemaker of the year 2019" by Rioja expert Tim Atkin. Both of these producers make modern styled Riojas, using very little oak to gently support the delicate and pure fruit character.

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