Beware of Cheap Imitations and Deals Too Good to be True!

by Patrick Sandeman

‘25% OFF! Buy any theatre ticket on-line today and it will arrive with a voucher offering 25% OFF your purchase of wines’. But 25% off what? Are they telling you the naked truth or simply selling you knackered wines? Then there are the BROADSHEET WINE CLUBS with the promise of a case of wine delivered to your door for just £49.99! All well and good until you taste the wines, and then move on to another wine club (actually owned by the same parent company) only to experience a similar disappointment.

And the BOOZE CRUISE! Well, the prospect of a good lunch in Boulogne is now all too expensive and no longer takes the edge off the hassle of battling across the channel. ‘YOU HAVE WON £1m in the Nigerian Lottery! Just send your bank details and we will do the rest.’ You would not dream of falling for this scam so why on earth would you let yourself be fooled by any of the above? After 21 years in business we know what we are doing when it comes to offering good quality wines at the right price. So why look for ‘bargains’ elsewhere?