2010 Bordeaux – Rauzan Segla really stuffs it up

by Charles Lea

Rauzan Ségla has released its 2010 at a price which is comfortably 20% higher than any other vintage of this wine is trading at on the market. I really like Rauzan, so this just makes me sad as I’d like my customers to be able to enjoy drinking it. It is said that it has been forced into doing this following some kind of hierarchy between the properties and the high release prices of some other wines, but it really might have been better for a group as powerful as Chanel to have shown a bit of leadership. Ah well, if you are that powerful perhaps you don’t need customers, don’t need to sell your wine. It’s there if you want it – no sale refused!

Nénin, the Pomerol owned by the Delons of Las Cases, has put its excellent 2010 out at a price which while high is not dotty. And although it is always a challenge to taste this in the same line-up as Clos du Marquis and Las Cases, (and on a day when one tastes nothing but Cabernet-based wines), I really liked it.

We still have small volumes of Haut Bailly at £1035 and Pavie Macquin at £920 but these will not last long.

This probably puts a wrap on the campaign until after Vinexpo, which goes on over the weekend and half-way through next week, so now is a time for quiet reflection and a bit of hoovering up of some of the better value wines!