by Charles Lea

Tickets are selling fast for our SUMMER WINE TASTING at the Burlington Pavillion at Chiswick House on Thursday 16th June.  We have a line-up of 30 brilliant wines to accompany your Summer, along with a Barbadian Rum to cleanse the palate as you go!  The whole event will be very informal, and wine snobbery should be left at the park gates. Relaxed enjoyment is the name of the game.

The event looks likely to be a sell-out, which is good for us but bad for you if you dally too long before deciding to join us.  Just £20 a head is all it takes.

See our web-site for more details, or call the Chiswick shop to reserve your place at the feast.

The tasting kicks off at 7.30 and runs for around two hours.

Wine tasting and a walk in the park on a balmy Summer’s evening – does it get any better than that?