2010 Bordeaux – ‘The Exceptions’ 1 – Médoc recommendations

by Charles Lea

2010 Bordeaux – ‘The Exceptions’ part 1 – Médoc

In the main blog post about the value wines of the 2010 vintage I mentioned the lists we have put togther of the wines which we think offer some of the best value for money, and present the arguments as to why these wines really are worth buying, even if many have been put off buying en primeur by the fact that labels they used to drink are now out of reach.

This is the first of two lists, probably too long, but there are yet more wines which have a claim… It is worth having a look at these, there are plenty of opportunities to stock the cellar – buy ten cases for just over a grand?

Get your orders in now, as we will be closing the primeur offer shortly and issuing final invoices early next week. It may take until Friday to confirm as France is closed tomorrow for Bastille Day, and I am going sailing in once of these, courtesy of those very nice chaps at Pol Roger.