The best wine glasses ever?

by Patrick Sandeman

There is a saying that there is ‘no such thing as a great wine, only great bottles’, and so often these great bottles are all the more memorable for where, when and with whom they were drunk. Well I can now truthfully say that the same applies for great glassware, as earlier this year I was presented with a glass of wine in a glass that I did not recognise and the moment I picked it up I realised that this was something really rather unusual. It was perhaps the lightest wine glass that I had ever held, with elegant lines, acute angles and a springiness that almost defied belief. It was a joy to drink from, and at once both lifted the wine and made the moment all the more memorable.

I had never come across ZALTO before, but am told that they were originally Venetian and are now made in Austria. These are individually handblown glasses, each one so fine it is almost unbelievable that the manufacturer should say that they are best washed in the dishwasher!

These are not cheap at £26 per stem, but they are still considerably cheaper than the Riedel Sommelier range, and to my mind not only lovlier but sturdier too.

As an introductory offer to the three styles that we are currently selling, Universal, White Wine, and Champagne, we are offering a 10% discount until the end of November 2011.