Bordeaux 2011 – latest news + Doisy Védrines and Chasse Spleen

by Charles Lea

Sociando Mallet coming out this morning, critically at a price below any other vintage on the market. This afternoon we have Chasse Speen, normally a popular primeur buy, but it is barely below the price of the 2010. I tasted it only once but not very well, and other tasters views are mixed enough to suggest that some of my other wines on the ‘Recommended Médocs’ list will offer substantially better value, especially Cambon la Pelouse, Capbern Gasqueton and Clos Manou.

Bargain Buy
In the Sauternes the wine which will almost certainly prove to the value buy of the year, Doisy Vedrines, is out at a sensible £225 per doz, or £112.50 that for 6 bottles, and the same for 12 half-bottles. Same deal as last year:- no supplement for Sauternes and Barsacs bought in cases 6 bottles or of 12 half-bottles (or cases of 6 magnums either). Of course its worth putting a couple of boxes away, it’s the last real great wine bargain in terms of sheer quality/price ratio.

Also out today is the 1er Cru Classé Suduiraut, one of my very top wines of the vintage, and also Lafaurie Peyraguey which did not quite make it into my selection, but which is available if requested at £140 per six bottles.