Katie Sandeman appointed Director of Lea & Sandeman

by Charles Lea

Following the tragic death of Patrick Sandeman, his wife Katie, who has always been an integral part of the Lea & Sandeman, has been appointed a director of the Company.

I am absolutely delighted that Katie has accepted to become my co-director. Katie joined Lea & Sandeman at the very start. In 1988 L&S first traded from my house at 1 Henning Street in Battersea, with a self-storage unit by Vauxhall Bridge. Katie very quickly became indispensable, keeping tight control of cash-flow, accounts, and us.

Visitors to the company in the early days grew accustomed the Patrick and I saying, with only a very small smile, that it was she who ran the company and we merely worked for her. Recently Katie has ceded some of her role in chasing late-payers (anyone breathing out with relief here had better watch out for Lindsay Field who has taken this on), but remains closely involved in the day to day management of the company and accounts.

Together we look forward to taking Lea & Sandeman to new heights.

Charles Lea