2012 Bordeaux – another vinolanche – Pontet Canet, Haut Bailly, the wines of Denis Durantou and Stephan von Neipperg – and lots of others.

by Charles Lea

Not a lot of time for anyone to react to the sheer number of releases on the market this morning, but briefly, the wines of Denis Durantou, Saintem (also confusingly called Saintayme – it is exactly the same wine), La Chenade, Montlandrie and Les Cruzelles are all oustanding value buys and come strongly recommended. NB these are packed as standard (and priced) in six-bottle cases. We have a very limited quantity of the second wine of L’Eglise Clinet, La Petite Eglise, which has been offered in prioity to last year’s buyers.

Alfred Tesseron has released Pontet Canet, and this was quickly followed by Haut Bailly at a price which is significantly down from the 2011 release – will it be enough?

The de Costers of La Fleur Cardinale recently visited us at the Fulham Road and everyone was as impressed as I have been by recent vintages – I only saw the 2012 once and briefly – tasted blind, and it showed only quite well but in terms of Parker points (92-95) for price it offers good value.

Feytit-Clinet was well liked by us and by Parker too (93-95), and at £380 is in the nearly affordable end of Pomerol.

Also out are all the Haut Brion stable including the very highly rated whites, is you want any of these email me NOW.

Finally Stephan von Neipperg has released all his wine – from the good value Castillon d’Aiguilhe to the Saint Emilions Clos de L’Oratoire and Canon la Gaffeliere, and the super-cuvée La Mondotte.