2012 Value Bordeaux for the cellar: Denis Durantou’s Château Montlandrie

by Charles Lea

You will have seen our earlier push on Denis Durantou’s ‘little wines’, not to mention the little video about the 2012 vintage. Of course ‘little wines’ is a misnomer since they are far from little and offer some of the best value in Bordeaux – just at a more accessible price than his ‘big wine’ l’Église Clinet.

Denis was really very excited about his acquisition of the Castillon property of Château Montlandrie in 2009. The vineyard, it was true, was in quite a rough state and he has had to replant much of it, but the older vines still in production show the potential of what he calls ‘ the second best terroir I have after l’Église Clinet itself’. Like the ridge of Saint Emilion, the heights of Castillon are at about 80-90 metres, the same limestone-clay at the same height as the classic Saint Emilions like Troplong Mondot.

The wines of Montlandrie are a little harder to taste when very young than the clay and gravel based wines la Chenade or Les Cruzelles, – so typical of the wines from limestone which have a restraint and purity which means they can take some time to unfurl – but this is a classical style and worth the wait.

Find 2012 CHÂTEAU MONTLANDRIE Côtes de Castillon here

 Denis Durantou

Denis Durantou

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